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Zoning Board of Appeals

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The zoning board of appeals is a quasi-judicial body.  It principally hears and decides all questions that arise in administration of the zoning ordinance.  The zoning board of appeals makes interpretations of the zoning ordinance, hears variance requests, hears appeals from administrative determinations by zoning officials or bodies and other matters assigned by the zoning ordinance.

Ida Lloyd
Zoning Administrator

Larry Malburg  (Term Ends12/31/2022)

Jerry Moore  (Term Ends 12/31/2023)

Nick Giacalone  (Term Ends 12/31/2023)

Clay Stroup  (Term Ends 12/31/2022)

Andrea Bara (Term Ends 12/31/2022)
Planning Commission Representative

Paula Alfonsi, Alternate Member  (Term Ends 12/31/2025)

Zoning Minutes

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