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The Almont Township and Village of Almont Park Board meet on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the municipal building located at 817 N. Main Street.  Park Board Members include:

Angelique Howe, Chairperson (

 Vice Chairperson

 Treasurer/Almont Village Council Representative

Roberta Kudsin, Secretary/Almont Township Representative (

Wes Wagester, Board Member(

Terry Roach, Board Member(

Sherri Rodgers, Board Member(

Melissa Schneider, Board Member(

Michael Howe, Board Member(

                                       Andrea Scibilia, Board Member(


To reserve the park please complete the attached reservation form.

Park Reservation Form and Policy

Please visit for activities at the Community Park

Almont Community Recreation Plan 2018 3-1-18