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Almont Township Pre-Application Planning Commission Form

Site Plan and Special Land Use Package

Rezoning Application Package
Rezoning Application Package

Temporary Use or Structure Application

No. 2 Lagoon Ordinance
Lagoon Ordinance

No. 14 Detroit Edison franchise Ordinance

No. 23 Outdoor Gathering Ordinance
Outdoor Gathering

No. 27.4 Land Division Ordinance

Land Division Ordinance

No. 32 Ordinance Designating Enforcement Officers
Enforcement Officers Designated

No. 33 Dangerous Buildings Ordinance
Dangerous Buildings Ordinance

No. 35 Rental Inspection Ordinance
Rental Inspection

No. 36.1 Consumers Power Franchise Ordinance
36.1 Consumers Power Franchise Ordinance

No. 37 Hazardous Materials Ordinance
Hazardous Materials

No. 38.1 Fire prevention code ordinance

No. 39.21 Zoning Ordinance

Almont Township Zoning Ordinance Amend 8-2021

No. 40 Ordinance Enforcement Officer Ordinance
Ordinance Enforcement Officer

No. 41 Address Numbering Ordinance
Address Numbering

No. 42.4 Public and Private Road Ordinance
Public and Private Road Ordinance

No. 43.4 Soil Removal Ordinance
Soil Removal Ordinance

No. 44 Geothermal Drainage Ordinance
Geothermal Drainage

No. 45.1 Almont Community Parks and Recreation Board Ordinance
Almont Community Parks and Recreation Board

No. 46 Subdivision Control Ordinance
Subdivision Control

No. 47.1 Michigan Vehicle Code Ordinance
Michigan Vehicle Code Ordinance

No. 48 Civil Infraction Ordinance

No. 49.3 Engineering Standards Ordinance
Engineering Standards

No. 50 Franchise for CMS

No. 52 Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Code Enforcement Ordinance
Building Code Enforcement Ordinance

No. 53 Floodplain Management Ordinance
Floodplain Management

No. 55 Planning Commission Ordinance
Planning Commission Ordinance

No. 56 Emergency Fire and Police Cost Recovery Ordinance
Emergency Fire and Police Cost recovery Ordinance

No. 57 Alarm Ordinance
Alarm Ordinance

No. 61.1 Cemetery Ordinance
Cemetery Ordinance

No. 62 ORV Ordinance

No. 64 Blight Ordinance
Blight Ordinance

No. 65 Zoning Map Amendment
Zoning Map Amendment

No. 66.1 Fireworks Ordinance

Ordinance-66.1-Fireworks-Ordinance (10)

No. 67 Outdoor Burning Ordinance
Outdoor Burning Ordinance

No. 68 Minor in Possession of Tobacco and Vapor Products Ordinance
Ordinance 68

No. 69 Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments Ordinance

Marihuana Ordinance

No. 70 Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Ordinance No. 70

Ordinance No. 71

Noxious Weeds

Ordinance  No. 72

Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Almont Township Zoning Map