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Planning Commission Members

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The planning commission is required to develop and recommend a master plan for the future development of the township and which would guide future zoning ordinance amendment decisions.  Before a street, park, open space,  public building or other structure can be authorized or constructed in an area covered by the township’s master plan, the location, character and extent of the project or utility must be submitted to the planning commission for their review and approval.

Andrea Bara  (Term Ends 12/31/2025)

Kevin Vallelunga  (Term Ends 12/31/2024)
Vice Chair

Rick Dodge(Term Ends 11/20/2024)
Township Board Representative

Dennis Sweers  (Term Ends 12/31/2024)

Nick Giacalone  (Term Ends 12/31/2026)

Traci Pewinski  (Term Ends 12/31/2025)

Brian Blumline  (Term Ends 12/31/2026)


Planning Minutes