A sub-committee was formed by the Almont Township Board in response to recent concerns and complaints from residents who felt that the extended use of large and small scale fireworks was creating an unsafe environment for citizens, property and animals. The sub-committee consists of Kimberly Streeter, Scott Stroup and Gary Groesbeck.  The committee met yesterday in an effort to review the Almont Township Fireworks Ordinance and examine if the ordinance was meeting the needs of the community.  The committee felt that the Almont Township Fireworks Ordinance needs to be updated in order to address the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act of 2011.  The goal of the committee is to ensure that the updated Almont Township Fireworks Ordinance is fair, legally enforceable and that it provides for the protection of persons, property and animals.  The committee plans to do more research and meet again in 2 weeks to discuss their findings.

The committee welcomes comments from the community. Citizens are encouraged to call any of the committee members to share their concerns.

Kimberly Streeter                      810-417-2614

Scott Stroup                             586-212-2453

Gary Groesbeck                       810-441-8687

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