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The first record of settlement in Almont can be traced to 1827, when a road was cut through the wilderness north, near what is now Main Street in the Village. The first homestead was located near the corner of Van Dyke and Hollow Corners Road.

In 1836 the Village was platted into building lots and contained five dwellings, a school, hotel, store, blacksmith shop and a shoe shop. The population of the Village reached 888 persons by 1840.

Up until 1846, the name Bristol had adhered to the Township and the name Newburg to the Village. The postmaster at the time was instrumental in having the name of both communities changed to Almont after the well-known General, Juan N. Almonte.

Almont was an important community during the settlement of Lapeer and Sanilac Counties and the lumbering industry that was the foundation of the economy at the time. The railroad line that eventually reached Almont in 1882 was a narrow gauge branch of the Port Huron and Northwest Railroad. The railroad was never extended and was abandoned in 1942.

The first electric streetcar from Detroit reached Almont in 1914. The streetcar also brought electricity with it, as Almont was one of the first communities in the area to be served by electric power. The streetcar was later extended to Imlay City and served the community until 1925.

Currently the Township is linked to the larger southeast Michigan region by M-53, which provides a north-south route between central Detroit and the City of Port Austin and I-69, which bisects M-53 just north of the township in an east-west direction, linking Port Huron and Indianapolis, IN.

The Township is served by three school districts, Almont, Dryden and Imlay City.  Almont Community Schools is located in the township and has a High School, Middle School,  and Primary buildings. For more information please visit the Almont School District Website at www.almontschools.org.

2020 Census

Population:    6961

2020 Millage Rates Almont School District
911 —- 0.7407
MCF —- 0.3261
Seniors —- 0.248
Veterans —- 0.185
Stephens Library —- 1.2049
Lapeer ISD —- 2.8573
Almont Operating(Non-Homestead) —- 18.0
Almont Debt —- 8.4500
Almont Sinking —- 0.9521
Township Tax —- 1.308
Fire Operating —- 0.9639
Township Police —- 2.25
Lapeer EMS—–0.8992

2020 Millage Rates
SET —- 6.0000
Lapeer County —- 3.6654

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